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Developing an employer branding through loyal and dedicated employees helps the company to be more effective and save costs. Employer branding embraces the entire organization. Employer branding bases on certain and unified strategy which focuses on current and future employees of the company.

Our goal is to help organizations to be attractive employers who have motivated, dedicated and loyal employees. We do different surveys and researches, consultations and help organize campaigns in order to grow strong employer brands. Instar has experiences in HR, marketing, communication and design. We offer different employer branding services based on client's needs and wishes.

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The success of companies is based on the ability to find and keep optimal number of right people at work. Thanks to fast exchange of information, people have become more aware of different opportunities as well as their own values and therefore, the expectations to employers have grown a lot. Employer branding is a response to the company’s issues with retaining and attracting employees – a strategy which combines HR and marketing to find and keep the best people.


Organizations try to find best candidates to their teams who are either experienced specialists or young talents. Rapid downfall in the number of young people forces organizations to make an effort to be an attractive employer for young talents not only now but in five, ten and fifteen years. Businesses need to consciously design their employer brand to ensure skilled and motivated employees for the future. When designing an employer brand it is important to know right communication channels, work expectations and preferences of future employees.

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Every year Instar conducts employer reputation survey amongst Estonian students. 20 higher education schools are participating in our survey and our selection size is about 2500 students. In the survey, youngsters assess their work expectations and name the communication channels for getting work-related information. In addition to that, they assess Estonia’s biggest and successful organizations as employers. The results are found in the Estonia’s TOP 100 attractive employers list.

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  • Kersti is a founder of Instar. Kersti has expertise in strategic consulting on employer’s branding and talent management. Kersti has worked in Saku Õlletehase AS and the Financial Supervision Authority. Kersti has obtained a summa cum laude Master’s degree in international business management and marketing from the Estonian Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in econometrics and international management in the department of economics of the University of Tartu.
    Kersti Vannas CEO and partner +372 52 96 166
  • Andrea Maidla PROJECT MANAGER  
  • Elsbet Alasoo Project Manager  
  • Eneli Linnas PROJECT MANAGER  
  • Erle
    Erle Leppikson Project Manager Assistant  
  • Daisy Koorits Consultant  
The team

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