The Employer Brand of Gunvor Services

Employer branding for the organization Gunvor Services was completed using the method developed by Instar. An action plan, the employer’s story, the value proposition and the employer’s slogan were created, which summarize the internationality of Gunvor Services, working in the energy sector and the principles of the nature of the work you face when working at Gunvor – your energy multiplies with us. Globally.

The materials were created in English –

The employer’s story

We are one of Estonia’s first and the largest service provider for physical trading houses, and offer one of the most experienced trading support teams in the world.

Founded in 2000, we are experienced, competent, and professional, and thus successful globally. We know that people are the foundation of everything and form the basis for everything we do.

Gunvor Services moves physical energy worldwide, from where it is sourced and stored to where it is demanded most. We provide shipping logistics and operations, as well as expertise in accounting, compliance, and IT functions.

With us, you can be a part of our success story and have the opportunity to grow —personally and professionally— as we together enact Gunvor’s global sustainability agenda. Join us and embrace the future of trading through the Energy Transition.

The value proposition


We are by nature quick to adapt and hard-working. Yet, we also know how to enjoy ourselves. We collaborate and always have each other’s backs. This is our formula for how we get our best work done.


Every person working here plays a huge role. We’re all professionals. Still, there is always room for great possibilities to grow. We take pride in our passion for self-development. There is not a single challenge we are afraid of because we learn from our experience and become stronger.


Each and every one of us is unique through our specific skillset and experience. We are established and have a professional reputation worldwide. Our daily work lies within a very dynamic and one-of-a-kind field. Therefore, there is no better place to gather impressive and multi-faceted knowledge.