Employer Brand development

Important parts of the employer brand such as the value proposition, the employer’s story and the employer’s slogan are prepared, which can be used on your career page and in other employer branding and recruitment materials.

We create employer brand visuals and brand books in cooperation with designers, and they become inseparable companions on the journey of promoting your employer’s brand.

Research and input

An overview of your current external and internal employer branding activities in order to understand what is working and what is not.

The survey identifies and maps the image of the employer among existing employees. You will find out what makes you a unique and special employer, what is the employee experience like, the interest to become an employer’s brand ambassador, the information needs of employees, what are the challenges of internal communication, etc.

Focus group interviews with employees, who belong to previously identified target audience will be conducted in order to receive the  qualitative input.  We will focus on your strengths as well as weaknesses. Furthermore, we will use the interviews for informing employees about their role as an employee ambassador.

Similar to Focus Group interviews but this time the audience is the management. We will have one-on-one interviews to receice the qualitative input about strengths and weaknesses from a management perspective.

External survey will map the work expectations of the target audiences, their information needs and most used information channels. It also includes KPIS for external Employer Brand image – current image, awareness and attractiveness in its target audiences to job market competitors. 

Benchmarking determines the current employer branding activities of the company’s competitors and compares them to those exercised by the client’s company.
The most important target groups are identified (usually experienced employees and future workforce) and according to those are chosen the job market competitors for each group.
The results are analyzed using Instar’s external and internal employer branding model.

As a result the organization is aware of its overall and structural dedication index.
The survey identifies main sources of dedication and focuses on the quality of leaderships. Personal feedback about the leaders is given.
The survey is constructed according to client’s needs. The employees’ answers are collected, analyzed and presented to the client.

Employer Brand Activation and management

Strategy and action plan includes company’s internal and external employer branding activities. Regarding internal activities, the focus is on the role of employee ambassadors.
External activities’ emphasis is on employer marketing communication and visual brand.

We will prepare a toolkit for future use which usually includes job ads, social media posts, presentation designs, and other visual materials depending on the clients’ needs.

Job ads are created keeping in mind the employer value proposition and designed for different channels including social media. 

Analysis and recommendations for an existing career page or a creation of a new one.
Created career page contains structure, copywriting and design which follows all the right elements as well as the functionality of the page.

Videos are in the language preferred by client and usually include subtitles to convey the message even when viewed without sound.
Maximum duration of one video is 2 minutes.
The production requires at least one shooting day, preparation time and post-production activities.
The crew includes an operator and assisting members responsible for lighting, sound, editing and creative solutions.

We help with the creation of various campaigns, from the idea to the media planning. We create employer branding awareness campaigns, social media campaigns, outdoor media campaigns, etc.

Giving presentations, hosting workshops and consulting

Instar offers a wide range of different presentations, workshops and consultations. Our speciality topics include:

  • Employer Branding
  • Employee Ambassador Activation
  • Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Social Media

& much more

Yearly or shorter programs to activate specific employee ambassadors – the participants of the program will have a common understanding of their role as an employer ambassador and the opportunities to fulfill this role successfully.

We can prepare similar one-year or shorter programs on other topics, such as management or social media.

We annually host different events in the field of Employer Branding and Recruitment such as Day of Attractive Employer, Summer Seminar and Recruitment Awards KICKOFF. We happily can share our experience, know-how and help you with moderating conferences hosted in such topics.

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