From Content Creation to Employer Branding: Devika Tawniya’s Adventure with Instar

Hi! I’m Devika, and I joined Instar in March as an Employer Branding intern and am now continuing with them as an Assistant Project Manager in the Employer Branding team.

My passion for Employer Branding has been kindled for quite some time and Instar is an ideal organization for me to learn from and grow with the leaders in this domain. What I appreciate most about working here is the shared values of the team.

My focus will be to help diverse organizations develop an attractive and sustainable employer brand.

Although my time at Instar has been brief, I’ve already explored several avenues of Employer Branding, from attending Magnet Employer Branding Awards in Finland to recruiting and employee advocacy programs in Estonia. It’s been an exciting journey and the dynamic nature of Employer Branding ensures that it never gets dull or boring at work! Each day brings a new surprise here.

Before joining Instar, I was pursuing my love for creating content as a content writer and designer. I delved into designing and assisting companies to create captivating marketing and sales materials as well as copies that convert. I also managed several company pages on LinkedIn with a strong focus on creating an engaging community and content that offers value. I believe communication and interpersonal skills are my strong suits.

If there’s anything in my life that I can never get enough of, it’s traveling and discovering new cultures, places, and stories. As an avid reader, you’ll always find me with a book. This year, I’ve set a goal of reading 23 books and already I’m halfway there.

As a people’s person, I love getting acquainted with people of diverse backgrounds, listening to their stories, learning and growing with them. This is why, I love collaborating and working with the team. And Instar gives me an opportunity to do just this, collaborating with different companies, their people and helping them build an employer brand that people desire.


If you’d be interested to read my thoughts on topics ranging from expat life to employer branding and leadership, find me on LinkedIn.