Key Takeaways from the Employer Branding & AI webinar

The Instar team attended the 🔹 Employer Branding & AI webinar 🔹 on November 21, hosted by the European Association of Employer Branding Agencies, and the insights were mind-blowing! 🧠

Here are some key takeaways:


Paul Baier (GAI Insights, US)

• Don’t promote individuals or VP positions who haven’t embraced AI; it’s irresponsible

• Experiment with creating job descriptions using ChatGPT

• Treat ChatGPT like interns/ little helpers, it’s a perfect productivity enhancer


Tom Chesterton and Mark Horley (Tonic, UK)

• Technology is transforming employer branding with streamlined processes and data-driven insights

• AI enhances creativity, automates tasks, speeds up processes, and offers agility in addressing segmented audiences

• The AI itself “knows” it is still striving to replicate fully the creativity often associated with human imagination, intuition, and emotional depth

• Remember, AI plays what’s there, we help it understand what’s not there. Unconnected connections – AI needs us!


Dado Van Peteghem (Imagin3 Studio)

• AI increases IQ rapidly; fear of technical unemployment is nothing new, but what’s new? “Humans will not be replaced by AI. Humans will be replaced by other humans using AI.”

• AI gains: Faster acceleration, cheaper cost reduction, richer enhancement – creating more variety and tools

• We’re entering a “Man Machine Collaboration World” – building relationships is our competitive advantage


Adam Horvath (Brandfizz, HU)

4+1 ways to use AI in employer branding:

  1. Eye-catching visuals
  2. Career pages and recruitment ads
  3. Engaging dynamic content
  4. Job fairs and event ideas

+ Onboarding and learning experience


• The speed of transformation in employer branding is superfast

• Target problems with the right tools: 4+1 ways to use AI

• Boost team performance and employee experience through reskilling


Change has never been this fast; AI isn’t perfect yet. Buckle up, and let’s upscale our skills for the future! 🚀🔥